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Effectively managing thousands of screens and trusted by all business sizes in South Africa and around the world. Imagine Signage offers a comprehensive dashboard, designer tools, and a scheduler interface that is intuitive and reliable.

Imagine Software Player


The Imagine Application

The Imagine player software seamlessly displays all your media formats in landscape or portrait orientation. Simply install the application on any Android or Windows media player, or install it directly onto our partnered "all-in-one" screens which contain built-in media players (LG and Skyworth). 

Web based dashboard

Manage your screens anywhere, anytime!

Monitor and manage each of your screens centrally. Upload, schedule, and remove content,  view the extensive playback reports, and monitor your user's activity.

Imagine Software Dashboard

Daily Updated Widgets

Boost your content loop with our awesome content widget partners. Select from a range of free news, social and informational feeds, or shop from our premium store for flight arrivals and specialized feeds.

Scalable and Customisable

Manage 1 or 1000’s of screens

Imagine was designed to be user-friendly and versatile, and includes a range of industry-related features to enhance certain needs and environments.

Imagine Use Cases

Suitable for all industries.


Trusted by 100's of clients And industry Experts.

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