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Change the font family, size, color of text and positioning.


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Free additional content widgets


A leading South African news source which provides breaking news on world, Africa, entertainment, sport, technology and more - www.news24.com


Display today’s weather and the weekly forecast in an attractive format that transitions seamlessly with other forms of content.


A 24 hour news service feed focusing on South African and African stories - www.enca.com


Provides information on expected fares surcharges and predicted waiting times for Uber rides - www.uber.com

Sowetan Live

A uniquely South African news stream mainly covering topical content and news across South Africa.

Date and Time

Select and display a time and date style that fits with your content and matches your company identity.

SANRAL Traffic

Real-time information gathered from cameras across South Africa’s major freeways providing information on accidents, roadworks, road conditions and delays.

Countdown Timer

Build anticipation for events, holidays or special occasions with a customized countdown down timer and choose where, when and how often you want it to be shown.

Google Traffic

A global traffic information service providing useful information on congestion alerts and alternative route suggestions- www.google.com/maps

Staff Profile

Introduce staff members with an individualized profile which highlights their achievements and qualifications or perhaps some of their personal interests.



Display video content from the largest video service provider in the world. - www.youtube.com



Stream high definition ad-free videos and choose from a wide variety of exclusive content.


Display the latest trending twitter topics or customize the feed for a specific audience or environment. - www.twitter.com

Foreign Exchange

Tailored to feed live exchange rates for any currencies around the world.

Camera Feed

Incorporate video content from any webcam feed anywhere in the world.
A capture card may be required*

Live TV

Play live TV through an HDMI capture card and configure how this is displayed with multi region playback. A capture card may be required*

1591285977086-google doc

Google Docs

Choose from hundreds of templates and create simple engaging content quickly using the power of the cloud.

1591285962537-Google Trends

Google Trends

Google Trends analyses the popularity of search queries in Google Search, from around the world.

1591286008141-Rss Feed

RSS Feeds

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) provides automatic notifications when a chosen website has had any updates.



Feed content from your company website or from any other website in the world.

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