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Effectively managing thousands of screens and trusted by all business sizes in South Africa and around the world. Imagine is a simple and reliable tool to manage your screens content without any fuss. Offering tools like a comprehensive dashboard, designer and scheduler interface that is intuitive and reliable. Imagine zero limitations.

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Software Only

Digital Signage software which manages your screens and controls your content displayed.

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Screens & Media Players

Shop online from a range of different screens & media players pre-installed with Imagine

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All in-one

Imagine Digital Signage pre-installed onto LG  screens with on-board media players.

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A comprehensive management platform that enables you to control your screens and all the content displayed from a central interface.

Imagine Signage Dashboard

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The Imagine Player

The Imagine player seamlessly displays all media formats on most screen types. Its easy to configure and install and is available for download on 4 different operating systems.

Industry Specific Features

Manage 1 or 1000’s of screens

Imagine was built for the end users and includes specific industry related features. A robust and versatile application accessible to all sectors.

Trusted By Clients And Industry Experts.


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