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About Imagine

Digital Signage made in South Africa

Looking for a way to Manage all your Digital Signage? Imagine Software is a Digital Signage solution that was developed by our core team of seasoned digital signage professionals in South Africa. We've created a comprehensive Software solution for both novice users and signage companies.

We have a singular, uncompromising approach to signage software design

Imagine Software was battle-tested since its inception by real South African companies and incrementally developed, improved and refined over many years. We are proud to deliver a lighting fast and feature rich application that's sets the new gold standard for digital signage software globally.

Imagine Signage Office

Meet Our Team

Imagine a team with all the qualities to deliver a world-class product and service.

Paul Pleming


Theo Gandi

National Operations

Liz Kruger

UX Designer


Senior Content Strategist


Junior Graphic Designer


Digital Assistant

Paul Pleming


Theo Ghandi


Liz Kruger

UX Designer

Neil Wilkie

Content Strategist

Sam Futter

Content Assistance

Monalisa Kutumbo


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