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General Digital Signage Questions

Why Imagine Digital Signage? Trial periods, getting started & more

Most INDUSTRIES have benefited tremendously from the reduction in cost of digital signage solutions over the past 10 years. Your business or organisation can use digital signage to increase sales and improve your customers’ experience significantly, amongst many other benefits. The capability of your digital signage centres around the constraints of your software. Imagine is the most powerful, affordable, flexible and scalable solution available on the market today.

Digital signage costs can be categorised into hardware, software and related technical support fees. The type, size and location of an installation largely determines the hardware cost. Software costs are traditionally not as transparent. Many businesses end up choosing incorrect or insufficient software for their needs and don’t receive real after sales or technical support. Our fee structures are affordable, transparent and scalable and our 24/7 remote technical support is included with all licenses. This means that individual license fees are affordable and can be easily purchased on a month-to-month basis as your needs grow. See Pricing to find a software package that suits your business’ needs and budget and browse our SHOP for hardware and software packages that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

No additional software is required for the Imagine web-based management interface. The interface is accessible via any Chrome browser at anytime, anywhere in the world.

Software is required for media players connected to digital displays. Detailed instructions are provided when purchasing your license and our support team are available 24/7 to assist you with any technical queries.

We believe Google Chrome to be the most stable, secure and widely used browser which is why Imagine Software was designed specifically for Chrome.

  1. Sign-up and select your chosen license.
  2. Make payment securely via your credit card or our EFT payment gateway
  3. Activate your user profile from the link sent to your email. It’s as easy as that!

The Imagine trial period is valid for 14 days from the initial date of registration.

Multiple users can access the Control Management Interface (CMS) where predefined roles and permissions can be assigned to each user. This allows you to manage access to your screens and content with as little or as much direct control over the functionality as is necessary for your organisation or business.

Imagine was designed and developed by a team of digital signage professionals who were unable to source a truly low cost, scalable software platform which also offered premium features and functionality. The logical step was to build one ourselves. All features and functionality have been battle tested by real businesses in a wide variety of applications and industries including retail, hospitality, education, corporate, healthcare, gambling and more. Our competitive advantage is our low-cost to entry combined with our FEATURE loaded software. Our software is trusted by both small and large businesses and can be integrated and managed by 3rd party digital signage service providers as well as in-house content managers, with little or no direct digital signage experience.

Software FAQ

Content Management System (CMS), functionality & technical support - Frequently Asked Questions

We support a range of popular operating systems including Linux, Android, Windows and LG Web OS. Visit our PLATFORMS page for more information on integrating with your existing player or find an all-in-one solution on your preferred OS platform.

Our web-based interface features industry leading end-to-end encryption and all data is hosted on secure servers with 99.9% daily uptime. 2-factor authentication is required for access. This all lets you remotely access and manage your content and displays from anywhere in the world, on your browser, without compromising your security.

Choose any type of video, image or text content you would like displayed and choose from variety of content widgets to improve your content offering. Content can be tailored to suit your individual business environment. All content, regardless of format or source, can be seamlessly integrated to create an eye-catching, entertaining, informative and professional experience.

Yes absolutely. There is no need for specialised training to create and manage your layouts and use all of our powerful features. Imagine was developed for the novice user and seasoned professional alike. All of our software features are accessible, intuitive and include drag and drop functionality for ease-of-use. Start your free 14-day trial today.

Some of the most important aspects you can monitor, at a glance or in depth, across single or multiple screens, include data and storage usage as well as licensing and screen statuses. These statuses can be overlaid on google maps (within your interface) for a geographical overview of your screens. This is particularly useful for a large network of screens across multiple locations.

Widgets feed a variety of powerful 3rd party content sources to your screens. These content sources help optimise your existing content in the most cost-effective and impactful way imaginable. Widgets can be text, image or video based and are updated in real-time, so the viewer receives up-to-the-minute useful information. Browse over 20 free and paid WIDGET options. Popular widgets include weather services, traffic feeds, financial market & currency exchange rates as well as social media handles. Widgets can be customised endlessly to suit the look and feel of any business.

Most file formats are supported for ultimate content flexibility. These include familiar formats for videos (Mp4, Mov & AVI), images (Jpeg & PNG), audio (MP3), Power Point (PPT), PDF, Live feeds (RSS & XML), Google Docs and websites (URL).

Integrating live TV playback with your existing content and seamless overlay pop- up’s is simple and easy with the addition of a TV capture card. This allows you to choose from your existing bouquet of channels and create a versatile digital signage solution that serves a variety of purposes effortlessly.

We offer online support to all software customers via the management interface and dedicated WhatsApp line. This is offered at no additional cost 24/7. This does not include on-site support or hardware related support.

We offer unlimited storage through our browser interface. This allows you to file, save and manage all existing content which can be be recalled and scheduled at any time in the future.

Order & Setup FAQ

Billing, adding licenses & migrating - Frequently Asked Questions

We offer flexible billing options to suit your needs. This includes both month-to-month and annual licenses. Annual licenses are offered at a reduced rate when compared to monthly options on an annualised basis. We offer both secure EFT and credit card payment options when purchasing licenses.

A single license is required for each media player device. Pay-as-you-grow by adding affordable licences as and when you need them.

You can upgrade your licenses or add more licenses at any time. Contact our sales team to upgrade your package or simply purchase additional licenses via your management interface.

We get this question a lot! Your existing content can be migrated to the Imagine platform easily. Contact our support team now and let us guide you through the process so you can start creating optimised layouts with our  user-friendly features today.

This is unlikely. Imagine’s architecture is designed to run efficiently and run optimally on most existing hardware platforms. If your hardware is able to run current versions of your preferred Operating System (OS), Imagine will work seamlessly with your existing hardware. For technical queries related to Imagine and your existing hardware please contact our support team.

With Imagine all you need to get started is a screen connected to a media player (some screens have this built in) and a stable internet connection. All content is managed remotely and securely via your browser-based interface. Imagine can be scaled to any size or type of installation.

This is unlikely. A stable 4Mbps internet connection is the minimum requirement for managing your content with Imagine. Depending on the nature of your content, a single device uses in the region of 20MB of data per day.

You can easily cancel an existing license via the browser-based interface (CMS). Both month-to-month and annual licenses can be cancelled at any time before the next billing date which can be managed via the CMS. Licenses cancelled before the next billing date will remain valid and fully functional up until such date the license is due for renewal. Contact our support team for specific queries related to your licenses and billing.


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