The Necessities To Your Success

Easy to Navigate

A feature in itself, Imagine is intuitive and easy to operate.` However connect with our support team at any stage with the online chat.

Secure & reliable

Hosted on secure servers with 99.9% daily uptime and secured with a 2-tier password authentication.


There are zero limitations to Imagines capabilities, with custom features added frequently to specific industry needs.

Getting to know the platform

Understanding how it all works and as well as the benefits it brings.


A WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) application which is accessible from any PC. The interface enables complete control over your screens and content displayed.


Installed onto the hardware and wirelessly linked to the dashboard. The Imagine player displays your content perfectly, restarts on a reboot and continues to play content with or without internet connection. Multiple OS versions available.

Monitor and manage all your screens and users

License and status overview

Manage all your Imagine licences, detect whether the content is playing, or whether the media player is “online, offline or downloading content”.

Assign specific Google pins to each individual screen and view them LIVE for a demographical status overview

Request a screenshot from an online player. The screenshot has a +-5 seconds delay, with OS and software error messages all captured.

Monitor your individual data consumption over a day, week or month. Whilst keeping tabs on your library usage.

Monitor different user activity for recent changes and added accountability.

Manage your content library and folders

Manage your content easily with folders, sort and search tools. Imagine caters for all popular media formats with smooth playback transitions

Images (Jpegs, PNG)

PDF viewer

Videos (Mp4, Mov, AVI)

Google docs

PowerPoint (PPT)

Website (URL, RSS, XML)

PDF viewer

Audio files (Mp3)

Create your content layout in seconds


Select a template or create your own screen layout, adding regions where content will be placed

Upload content into your library and drag and drop into the creation regions (see all formats accepted)

Plan ahead and set start and end dates and times. Dive deeper and set playback interval durations

A live playback view is available in a new browser

Content that will display perfectly on all screen sizes.

Select a custom resolution or aspect ratio in both portrait or landscape formats. Imagine software works flawlessly with every display from low-res, HD and 4k screens to 8k projectors and beyond.


Industry Specific Premium Features

Wireless Caller

Centrally controlled and monitored from the management interface. Our wireless button and receiver enables an instant message to display over any existing content. Ideal for a queue management and activations. Example: Button 1: “Next customer, Teller 1”

Overlay Pop Up

Take complete control and add an overlay (image or video), which be scheduled to pop up directly over any existing playing content (Live TV, adverts, widgets, etc..). Select from multiple placement areas for added control (Top bar, full screen, L Shape, etc..).

That's just the tip of the iceberg

Battle tested features that continually improve

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