Getting Started

Complete the signup form and follow the e-mail notification process. Each new user is assigned a dedicated URL to and is HTTPS secured

Manage your subscriptions

Purchase new licences, re-new old subscriptions, or disable existing licences with ease

Month to month

imAGINE is available on a month to month basis. No contractual agreements


No limitations to the amount of players added to a CMS


An intuitive central management interface that summarises your entire visual network on one display

Monitor each player’s status

Detect whether the content is playing or the media player is “online or offline”.

Last connection time

Review the last time the media player connected back to the CMS

Screenshot function

Take a screenshot of any online player for additional reassurance

Map your locations

Assign a specific address for each individual player and view them all or separately in a map view

Grouping players

Monitors each screens status (Online or offline)

Assigning layouts

Each licenced player can display different layouts to the next



We cover all popular image and video formats, including PDFs, PowerPoint files, and dynamic update-able content via URL, RSS, XML, or video streams. If that’s not enough, our range of free widgets will get you started right away.

And don’t forget about our MP3 playlist creator or our multiple channel online radio stream to audibly connect with your customers.

Implement Transitions

Choose from a selection of transitional effects (Fade in, Slide in, Swipe in) for seamless playback


Playback all popular content formats (videos, images, PDF, PTF, websites)

Auto re-size

Tick the auto re-size button on your content will auto scale to fit the created region



There are no limitations to the style or format of your layout. With a WYSIWYG interface, creating custom layouts with multiple regions is a breeze.

Screen orientation

Display content in portrait or landscape orientation

Multiple resolutions

Select from the popular resolutions or create a custom resolution

Choose a template

Select from a list of a pre-created templates

Custom template

Divide your screen into regions or create a full screen experience

Adding backgrounds

Upload your own background or select a default color.

Uploading content

Access your library and drag and drop the media into the correct region

Re-order media items

Drag and drop your media to re-order the content playlist

Assign media attributes

Assign each media’s durations, transitions, and sizing.


Before going live, preview your layout directly in your browser


You have the freedom to have your individual content or entire playlists change automatically or based on your time pro essay writing service preferences. This allows you to adjust programs through the use of timers, to ensure that the right content is playing at the right time.

Media Start date and time

Schedule media to start playing on a specific day and specific time

Media End date and time

Schedule media to auto remove from a layout on a specific day and specific time

Active Days of media playback

Assign media to display on specific days of the week (Mon-Sun)

Layout Start date and time

Assign a specific layout to display on a specific date or time

Layout playlist

Create multiple layouts and schedule them to play directly after each other

Screen logs and content reports!

Which content played, when, where, and how often?

Reports provides valuable data about the playouts from your screens. You can easily analyze both your live and historical content reports, as well as export them into a spreadsheet for further data analysis.

Players availability

Export a comprehensive report highlighting individual players ON/OFF status during a day, week, month or year

Layouts playback

Highlight how many times a specific layout played on a specific player in a day, week, month or year

Content reports

Asses how many times a specific media item played in a day, week, month or year

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