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Marketing Android Player Starting at R 175 /month
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A cost-effective alternative to Windows, Android is a free operating system and available on multiple low end/small form factor PC/Pc’s on a stick. However although being lightweight it can carry limitations with the Imagine Digital Signage widgets and multiple region playback.

Windows Setup Requirements

Setup Requiements

Windows signage player Giada Entry

Media Player

Android 7+


A selection of sizes and brands (22"-108")

Login Imagine Dash

Imagine signage licence

Pre-installed on hardware from Imagine

Packed with Benefits

Certain widget playback limitations vs Windows license

2-year Warranty

Media player

Daily Playback

Recommended 16 hours

Screen Sync

Unlimited displays

Overlay Compatible

Premium feature

Widget Playback

Limited to certain widgets

Video Wall


Android Licensed

From version 7+


Wi-fi and LAN compatible


Remote support

Live TV Playback

Capture card compatible

Multiple Resolutions

Portrait and landscape

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