Manage your screen from anywhere in the world

Re-IMagine The Retail Environment.

Digital Signage thrives in retail stores

Inform, Entertain and Sell

Tailor-make content to perform various functions (informational, promotions and marketing).


Update products and pricing immediately, with ease

Target Items

Provide key product information to increase sales on specific items

Improve Customer Experience

Combine relevant information with captivating content and improve customer retention.

Curb Appeal

Create a lasting impression with professional and engaging brand content.

Domain Privacy

Prevent identity theft, spam and phishing attacks by masking the personal information.

Retail Use Cases

Imagine in full force

Promote & Advertise

Digital Signage screens installed in the retail environment not only improves aesthetics, but should provide an ROI. Maximise your solution and upload content relevant to the screen placement.

Queue Management

Incorporate the Imagine queue caller premium widget to manage your waiting customers. Utilising  wireless buttons and receiver for a seamless installation.

Retail Clients

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