A screen is all you need

Marketing LG All-In-One Player Starting at R 175 /month
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A commercial grade screen aimed at running 24/7. The displays are sleek, light weight and available in a range of sizes. With a built-in system on chip (SOC), Imagine is fully compatible without a media player required.

LG Web OS Setup Requirements

Setup Requirements


All-In One

A screen is all your need with a built in PC

Imagine Software

Pre-installed on hardware from Imagine

Packed with Benefits

Made for commercial use (restaurants/menu boards)

3-year Warranty

on screens

Daily Playback

24/7 daily playback

Auto Start

Set startup and shutdown times

Screen Sync

Unlimited displays

Widget Playback

Limited to certain widgets

Video Wall

Multiple screen options available


Web OS built in


Wi-fi and LAN compatible

Removable Banding

Remove LG logo from screen

Multiple Resolutions

Portrait and landscape

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