Casino signage with Digital displays create the Vegas feel

Transcend any multi-sensory environment

Encourage and entice higher stakes with casino signage


Increase Spend

Entice gamers to play certain games or inform them of drink specials.


Game Finders

Direct players to slots, tables games or big jackpots and promotions.


Live TV Integration

Broadcast live sports and overlay betting odds and payout information.


Supporting Info

Highlight event, conference or accommodation information on premises.


Poker Waiting Lists

Let players know where they are on the waiting list in real-time.


Live Data

Stream results, live betting odds, sports tables and wage fields.

Casino & Betting Shops Use Cases

Live odds makes casino signage a gamblers dream

casino signage real time stats

Connect In Real-Time

Control multiple displays content and keep your customers staying longer. Upload competitions, sign up bonuses and promotions to reward the most loyal players.

Overlay content on a LIVE TV signal

Utilise the premium overlay schedule feature which enables pesonalised and tailored feed or content to up over LIVE TV. Display live game odds, upcoming fixtures or brand/company information

real time sports betting signage

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