Healthcare Digital Signage gives patients peace of mind

Creating A Brighter Information Network​

For patients, visitors and medical personel​

Patient Experience

Introduce patients to their health care professionals to create a relaxed environment.

Staff Communication

Use internal displays to notify staff about patient statuses or general notices. ​

Healthcare Information

Share useful information on disease prevention, medical procedures or general wellbeing. ​


Promote products or services directly or sell valuable advertising space.​

Emergency Alerts

Notify visitors and patients about emergencies with information on what to do.​

Stand Out

Separate your practice from the competition and a build a trusted identity. ​

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Healthcare Use Cases

Reduce the perceived wait time with healthcare digital signage

Enhance your waiting areas with infotainment widgets

Split your screen into multiple areas/regions and select from an array of free content to keep patients entertained and informed; Health news from News24, fun insights into what’s trending on Google as well as employee spotlight tool to highlight medical staff and their roles

Upsell, promote and inform

Install digital signage displays in the queue isle or high traffic flowing areas. Promote OTC brands, entertain queueing customers, and educate customers and wellbeing with videos and animations.

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