Manage your menu displays from anywhere in the world

Bring Your Restaurant To Life

Satisfy a bigger appetite for a better experience.

Drive Sales

Display menu items in a more visually engaging format.

Reduce Costs

No need to constantly print menus and promotional material.

Increase Efficiency

Automatically schedule menu changes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Improve Waiting

Entertain customers while they wait to improve the waiting experience.

Optimize Drive-Thru

Highlight the most popular items and specials to reduce ordering times and increase service volume


Let customers know about company initiatives and sustainability practices

Restaurant Use Cases

Menu management made easy

LG All In One Menu Displays

Utilize the LG commercial grade screens for your digital menu boards. Simply install the Imagine software which has been adapted specifically for the LG WEB OS operating system and enables the synchronization of content where images or videos pass from one screen to another creating a visually captivating menu display.

Advertise Daily Specials

Day part your content and schedule certain menu or promotional items to be displayed on certain day at a certain time or period. 

Simple price changes take effect almost in real time avoiding the print cost,

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