Improve the workspace with corporate digital signage

Smart, Useful and Inspired Communication

An HR dream tool for instant notifications

Key Performance Indicators

Show real time performance metrics to motivate staff and improve accountability.

Introduce New Staff

Break the ice with a neat bio and introduce new staff in a fun, friendly and professional way.

Staff Training

Provide group training opportunities and refresh or upload new training videos easily.

Promote Health

Share information a about mental and physical health to improve staff wellbeing.

Advertise Local Hotspots

Filter promotions for meeting rooms, coffee spots and after work drink specials in the area.

Compliance Notices

Allow staff to view daily notices and crucial team information without clogging email inboxes.

Corporate Use Cases

Effective office communication

Welcome Clients and Guests

Screen installed at the reception areas showcasing your company offering, ethics and messaging whilst keeping them entertained and informed whilst waiting.

Connect With Your Team

Corporate Digital Signage in the workspace is crucial for immediate office communication and messaging and provides managers with am instant platform to showcase and inform staff via visual screens placed in viewable areas.

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