Digital Signage for Education helps you Educate & inform

Digitising Campusses to Empower Learning​

Visually connect with student in educational faculties


List classrooms, offices and halls and direct visitors with interactive visual maps.


Communicate data in an engaging, thought provoking and visually stimulating format.


Use images of sports and cultural events or highlight student achievements.

Student Advertising

Upload pictures with descriptions of student accommodation, tutors, etc...

Get Social

Connect with learners and curate social feeds for the campus environment.

Curb Appeal

Display schedules that everyone can see and change them without printing.


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Campus Communication Use Cases

Campus wide immediate emergency notifications

Campus wide communication

Schools, universities, colleges and student accommodation can benefit from the installation of screens, centrally controlled.

With Imagine signage software, emergency or critical information to be sent to one or multiple displays keeping everyone well informed

Imagine makes digital signage for education easy.

education signage
Imagine Signage permissions

Enable certain permissions to certain staff or pupils

Create a hierarchy of registered Imagine users (student or staff). Enable and disable certain user rights and privileges, viewable pages, abilities and features restricted to each individual user account, all controlled via a central administration. 

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