Imagine signage features zero limitations

Manage Your Content Library and Folders

Imagine plays all content formats with an intricate library page which enables users to manage their content more effectively with folder creation.  sorting and search functions

Central Content Management

More Useful Features

Battle tested and continually improving

Touch Integration

Touch Integration

Navigate forms with touch screen, display a website or cycle media content with touch functionality.

Live TV Playback

Live TV Playback

Capture your popular channels with a capture card and display LIVE TV with your existing content.


Free & Paid Widgets

Choose from over 20 different local and international widgets are all customisable.


Layout Scheduler

An easy to navigate calendar interface for scheduling layouts to play at specific days or intervals.

Group Displays

Group Displays

Arrange any number of screens to display identical content layouts in custom created groups.

Portrait & Landscape

Portrait or Landscape

Content can be designed to appear in either a portrait or landscape resolution (1920x1080 or 1080x1920).

Custom Transitions

Customise Transitions

Add smooth transitions between content with fades, swipes, zooms and more.

Monitor Displays

Monitor Displays

Green, red and blue status lights indicate whether a screen is ON, OFF or downloading content.

Music Playlists

Music Playlists

Apply music playlists to individual layouts and assign them to specific displays.

multiple region playback

Multiple Region Playback

Display multiple types of content on the same screen simultaneously in multiple regions.

Premium Features

Optional industry related Imagine signage features

Queue Management

Wireless Queue Caller system

Centrally controlled and monitored from the management interface. Our wireless button and receiver enables an instant message to display over any existing content. Ideal for a queue management and activations. Example: Button 1: “Next customer, Teller 1”.

Overlay Pop-up

Overlay Pop-up

Take complete control and add an overlay (image or video), which be scheduled to pop up directly over any existing playing content (Live TV, adverts, widgets, etc..). Select from multiple placement areas for added control (Top bar, full screen, L Shape, etc..).

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