Re-imAGINE the retail environment.

Key Performance Indicators

Show real time performance metrics to motivate staff and improve accountability

Introduce New Staff

Break the ice with a neat bio and introduce new staff in a fun, friendly and professional way.

Compliance Notices

Allow staff to view daily notices without clogging email inboxes.


Provide group training opportunities and refresh or upload new training videos easily

Promote Health

Share information a about mental and physical health to improve staff wellbeing

Local Hotspots

Filter promotions for coffee spots and afterwork drink specials in the area.


Integrate queue management into your digital displays

An integrated queue management solution operating through the imagine software. Tellers or cashiers can have dedicated messages to their specific till point with a tracking tool that counts the amount of times each button was pushed. The queue message can pop up over existing content or can be a dedicated queue caller screen. With integration of Flic, wireless push buttons can be installed in minutes.



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